A little something about me


The Inspiration 

This platform has grown from a desire that I had to be able to exchange my own skills with other wellbeing practitioners, simply nurturing each other with no money changing hands. It felt good to reciprocate skills with other caring individuals whenever I could. There was something very nurturing about this process of giving for mutual benefit. 

After all, we all need to get our hair cut, speak to somebody about our feelings, elevate ourselves, learn a new skill, work out a bit, improve our nutrition, etc. I looked for a platform to join but couldn't find one, and thus, InSpiral Exchange was born. 

My desire for InSpiral Exchange

This site is for you, my fellow wellbeing practitioners. At its essence it is about nurturing the nurturer, it's about collaboration and not competition. 

I really believe that this type of exchange can be undertaken on a global level and not just in your local community. The potential to connect with people on the other side of the world, exchanging skills and learning is unlimited, we are just bringing the world that little bit closer.  

As my gift, I have made this site free for you all to join, though I would really appreciate your help in getting it out there. Once you sign up, there is a 'spread the word' box where you can invite your wellbeing friends to also join. Perhaps you have other ideas on how to share this exchange group. The more people who become members, the greater the variety and the richer the experience will be.

I really hope that you enjoy working like this where you can. Be curious as to who you may conect with along the way and the difference you can make in somebody's life, whilst increasing your own understanding and wellbeing on this journey of collaboration.

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What we are about!

InSpiral Exchange is a platform for all professionals working in the field of wellbeing, to directly swap their skills with other professionals, locally and globally. As we are nurtured physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, we have so much more to give others. 

A hypnotherapist could trade a session in return for a pedicure, an art teacher could trade for a tarot card reading, reflexology for personal training, chinese lessons for coaching and so on. The variety of mutually beneficial exchanges are infinite. In addition, there is also the option of 3-way collaborations, where a third party is gifted one of the sessions. 

Time is our currency

At InSpiral Exchange the currency that we use is our time. Whatever the service, skill, expertise, we swap an hour for an hour. We give our time as a token of appreciation. You will receive a service that will greatly enhance your mind, spirit and body. In return you give value to your exchange partner in sharing your skill. 

Pay it forward

At InSpiral Exchange we would also like to acknowledge and support the many (non-professional) people in this world, nurturing and caring for others around the clock. These people give endlessly to their loved ones with special needs, often receiving no support, no guidance and no caring to help them have the strength and capacity to continue. 

We are in the process of creating a way for InSpiral Exchange members to
Pay It Forward - to compassionately provide a service while asking for nothing in return. 

Where does the name come from?

The name InSpiral actually describes the path of a pair of binary stars that are losing energy and spiraling in towards each other. Our intention is for us to spiral toward each other and bring about far greater energy in all of our lives.  This 30 second video shows that process more than words can.


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