The Sign Up process

To view and connect with all other members, you will need to  Join Us. This is free.

Step 1 - Fill in basic personal information. Validate your email.

Step 2 - Upload a recent photograph of yourself. Next select which of the 6 areas of wellbeing that you work in - physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social or occupational. Followed by all the professional skills that you have. This is important as this is how other members can search for you, by your skill and category.  If your skill is not in the drop down menu, you can add additional skills. Lastly you will write a short bio. Help people to get to know you by telling them what you do, your qualifications etc. That's it, you are now a member.  

Step 3 - Review your finished profile.

Are skills exchanged locally or online?

The answer is both. Some skills can only be exchanged in person, like a massage, reflexology, a haircut or physiotherapy. Though there are just as many skills which can be exchanged online, more than you might think. Coaching, hypnotherapy, EFT, long distance healing, foreign language lessons, nutritional advice and golf video lessons are just a few examples of what can be traded online. You may want to think creatively about how you also work. Is it possible to adapt your skill as an online service and reach out to people globally? How amazing to be able to reach out to somebody on the other side of the world and to learn something about their culture, whilst exchanging your skills and getting a new perspective. If you can exchange your skill online, remember to select 'yes' in the About You section, when creating your profile. Members can then find you when searching for online exchanges.

Do I need to be a member to view other InSpiral Exchange members?

Yes, to view all other members and start exchanging skills you must first Sign Up and become a FREE member.   

How do I find other members? 

Every morning when you log in, you will be greeted by random members who are exchanging locally in your area, as well as members who can exchange their skills  online. Only browse the online members, if you to can exchange your skill online. As well as this, in the search box you can search by name, location (country, city, province), skill and profession. You can also search by category of Wellbeing, listed under 6 separate areas of emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and occupational.

How to Interact with other Members.

Once you come across somebody that you would like to connect with for a possible exchange or just to have a conversation with, you need to send them a Connection Request. Once they accept this you become connected and their profile will appear in your list of connections for easy access. Once you are connected, you can send them a private message by clicking on Send Message on their profile page.  It's easy - first Connect and then Contact.

Leaving Feedback.

Each member can leave a testimonial for another member once an exchange has taken place. This is not only to let them know how awesome they were, but to help other members by providing additional information. You can also request feedback from a member who you have recently exchanged with in the My Profile section. Once you receive feedback, you have the choice to accept it, where it will then be displayed on your profile, or you can decline it.

How to edit Information.  

Whenever you want to edit any information in your profile, simply go to My Profile and edit your profile page.

Receiving Emails.

You will be able to view all emails sent to you through InSpiral Exchange and its members in your Envelope located along the header once you are logged in or in your personal email account.

Does money ever change hands?

For the practitioners time and expertise there is no fee. This is a free skills exchange site. Our currency is our time. It is entirely up to the discretion of the member whether they want to charge a small fee for the products that they use during the session, if the products are costly and are integral to the session. If this is the case, this must be communicated on initial connection.

Are there any constraints?

Please remember membership at InSpiral Exchange is voluntary. If you see the mutual benefit in exchanging your skill  for  another service in wellbeing, this is your choice. If at any time, you would not like to exchange with somebody, for whatever reason, you only need to communicate this. It's just like in everyday life, there are some transactions you make and some you don't depending on whether it meets with your criteria. The same is true at InSpiral Exchange.

What are the benefits of inviting my friends to join?

The more members that join and grow the InSpiral Exchange community, the more variety we will have in skills across the field of Wellbeing on a global basis. The more people that you can inform of this platform in your local area too, the more you are impacting all other members with a rich choice of members to exchange with locally.


Is membership free?

Yes there are no hidden costs. In return for using this platform, please help us to grow this community on a global basis. We really appreciate your help in getting the word out, letting your professional connections know of InSpiral Exchange - whether it be through Facebook, professional groups, or word of mouth.

What if I’m not satisfied with this service?

Though we would find it hard to believe that this could happen, if for any reason you decide you would no longer like to be a member, go to your member profile and select ‘cancel my membership’. We will be sorry to see you go.

Can I block another member from contacting me?

Yes you can. Firstly you have to be connected, which means that you or your member have accepted a Connection Request at some point. If after this, you have a reason to block them, just go to their profile page and select Block. They will not be able to search or contact you again. To see all members you have blocked go to My profile and view Blocked members. Here you have the option of unblocking them if you so wish.

What if my fellow Exchanger doesn't carry out his side of the deal?

InSpiral Exchange is built on trust.  In fact, more and more the currency of trust is becoming the new economy and the more collaborative platforms that are springing up all over the world are actually making people more trustworthy and not the opposite.

Do you perform background checks on your members?

While we continue to explore the legal and customer service issues surrounding background checks, we currently do not perform such automated inspections on our users. Based on our thorough research, we have concluded that the local databases containing criminal records are often stale and inaccurate. In addition, to do a complete background check we would need to gather highly sensitive information (including social security numbers, addresses over the last X years, etc.), which our members would not want to divulge.

Do you check qualifications of each member?

InSpiral Exchange is not intended as a website for verifying the qualifications, abilities, credentials or professionalism of any professional listed and is not responsible for any member listed on this platform. You should make full enquiries into the expertise of the professional before agreeing to the first session. Whichever professional you decide to see, either ask for proof of qualifications and insurance cover, or ask to see details of their recognized professional body. What we do though, is to encourage each member to include details of their qualifications in their profile, for all members to view. In addition each member can also write a testimonial on their exchange buddy.  

What if I am not happy with an Exchange?

We believe honesty is the best policy. If you are not happy, for whatever reason, we suggest you speak with your exchange buddy and let them know so that they can understand the issue.  If you would like to report a member, you may contact us directly. We believe that to live a rich life, it is important to connect with a large variety of different people, every person you come into contact with will offer you some learning. You may enjoy an experience of 1 exchange or 10, there is no right or wrong number of exchanges. As we change, we move on and this is true of InSpiral Exchange members too.

How can I contact you?

You can email us here at We would love to also hear from you if you have any comments, suggestions or feedback about this platform and how we may improve it.

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