Look out for this feature coming soon!

At InSpiral Exchange we would also like to acknowledge and support the many (non-professional) people in this world, nurturing and caring for others around the clock.

Many people find themselves thrust into a primary caregiver role with little warning or preparation. Coming from their heart, they give endlessly to their loved ones with special needs, often receiving limited or no support, no guidance, no caring to help them have the strength and capacity to continue. And this can be very physically, mentally and emotionally draining.

We are in the process of creating a way for InSpiral Exchange members to Pay It Forward - to compassionately provide a service while asking for nothing in return. How wonderful it would be for them and us, if we could pamper them physically or offer them some guidance on how to calm their thinking, teach them breathing techniques or a full body massage as a rejuvenating treat in their day.

We will make an announcement when this feature is available.