Join or create an InSpiral Exchange Meetup Group in your local community.  Easily connect and collaborate with other members in your local area. Meet the person behind the job, experience their skills and broaden your knowledge of different approaches in Wellbeing.

Members will get invited to monthly gatherings where participants swap their skills in mini sessions. Instead of a typical networking evening, where members just talk about what they do, at InSpiral Exchange gatherings, we actually do what we do.  

How creative can you be with your Express Exchanges?  Can you adapt your offering to give a taster in 15 minutes?  An example might be a 15 minute coaching session, or 15 minutes of Reiki, a quick hair trim, speedy manicure or Spanish lesson.  It's a lot of fun to see what we are capable of sharing in 15 minutes.  How much can you experience in one evening?  

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