At InSpiral Exchange we define 'wellbeing' as the art of living a life in balance - physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually - with a sense of positive fulfillment in relationships, work and creative endeavors. Our family of members is broad and inclusive, and anybody whose work nurtures or supports wellbeing as defined here is welcome to become a member.  We have broken wellbeing down into 6 categories, though of course they are all interconnected. 

Physical wellness is key in maintaining a healthy quality of life. We believe that how you view the physical part of you is similar to how you might view a car or a machine. It needs to be listened to, maintained, appreciated and cared for and in return it will serve you well, you will enjoy it more and hopefully prolong its life. You may be a nutritionist, personal trainer, sports teacher, physiotherapist, osteopath, massage therapist or hairdresser to name but a few. Helping people to improve their physical wellbeing will directly impact their mental and emotional wellbeing too.

Our inner game also needs attention at times. Any profession which is aimed at helping people to find more peace and joy in their lives, heal old wounds, understand themselves more deeply and improve their outlook should definitely join us. Coaches, NLP and  EFT practitioner, hypnotherapists and psychiatrists are just a few examples of professions in this field.

This area is all about brain performance, mental capacity and stimulating the intellect. Are you in the profession of helping people introduce more creativity into their lives, uncovering a passion or teaching them a new skill? Perhaps you teach a musical instrument, are an art or writing teacher, a foreign language instructor or a chess coach. All of these endeavors help to change the shape and power of the brain whilst improving cognitive skills and increasing IQ and day to day memory functions.

Our intent is for all paths towards spiritual wellbeing to be honored and supported here. At InSpiral Exchange spirituality simply means waking up. Therefore this area incorporates finding meaning and purpose in life through a connection with self, others, art, music, literature, nature, or a power greater than oneself. A few examples of professions may be consciousness teachers, energy workers, healers, tarot card readers, meditation, yoga or Qigong.
Are you helping others socially or environmentally? Are you in the profession of helping others relate to and connect with all other people, nature and the world that we live in? We all aspire to establish and maintain positive relationships with family, friends and co-workers and this contributes to our social wellness. People who take an active role in their community life experience a sense of belonging and fulfillment. Our Environment and how we feel about it can have a huge impact on the way we feel overall. Environmental wellbeing is all about living in harmony with the earth by understanding the impact of our interaction with nature and our personal environment. You might be a vegan chef, a life coach, any outdoor activity trainer or an environmentalist.

Many of us are physically and emotional strong but are dissatisfied in our current jobs and are no longer fulfilled at work. Are you helping people in all walks of life, (recently graduated, midlife change of careers or those in retirement) find their bliss, recognize hidden talents, learn a new skill or find some clarity and confidence to take a new path? Whether you are a teacher of a certain skill set that this person requires to change careers, or somebody helping people work on fears and limiting beliefs, you will be a valued member at InSpiral Exchange.

Once you JOIN US, you can view our complete list of wellbeing skills to help create your profile.  


Quite simply, you are engaged in your specific activity as your main paid occupation, rather than as an amateur. You are qualified or certified in your field. You are competent or skilled in what you do. If you are still in training and would like to use InSpiral Exchange to gain more experience, please communicate this in your profile and when you connect. At InSpiral Exchange we do not verify the credentials and qualifications of our members. We advise you to take the necessary precautions and make your own inquiries, as you do in life, when dealing with any professional.

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