Replenish your energy! People in the field of wellbeing often find themselves depleted, giving so much but not paying enough attention to their own wellbeing. InSpiral Exchange exists to encourage mutually nurturing connections for enhanced wellbeing.

 Grow your business! The more you engage with our professional wellbeing community, the more likely you'll be thought of when someone needs to make a referral in your field, locally or globally. Chat in the online forum, exchanging advice, information and skills.

 Expand your local network! InSpiral Exchange is designed to help build networks in your region, where you can meet and experience other professionals either through a mutual exchange or at InSpiral Exchange meet ups.

 Develop a global network! At InSpiral Exchange the global village is at your fingertips. Adapt your offering to share online, perhaps learning to meditate directly with a teacher in Nepal, giving someone in Japan an English lesson or learning to draw with an artist in Peru.

 Bring greater balance to your life! Our broad definition of wellbeing allows for a wide variety of opportunities for personal development, body care and physical activities, as well as enhancing your creativity by learning a musical instrument or learning to draw.

 Save money! Many of us don't invest in our own wellbeing due to financial considerations. With InSpiral Exchange we can open-heartedly give an hour of our time, and receive an hour of loving service in return. 

 Reduce stress and feel more connected! When we connect like this, nurturing, giving and receiving freely, the body releases uplifting hormones such as endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin. Stress will be released and a sense of trust and cooperation will strengthen our ties to others.

 Feel more Integrity! Not only will you have nourishing experiences, you'll know first hand the quality of the people you are referring to your clients and loved ones, giving you a greater peace of mind.

 Newly qualified! Maybe you have just qualified and you would prefer to exchange your new skills in this way, with other professionals, before taking on paying customers. This kind of professional feedback from your peers will be invaluable.

 Collaboration over competition! Collaborating with each other feels so much better than competing and is far more powerful, constructive and creative.

 3 is not a crowd! Perhaps somebody may connect with you for a possible exchange but you are, at this time, not in need of their particular skill.  Instead of ruling out an exchange you may know of somebody else who really could do with it - so why not gift it to a friend, family member or client. 

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